Kevin Fox's Resume
5809 Okanogan Lane
Pasco, WA 99301

Phone #: (509) 371-6108
Cell Phone #: (509) 366-1337
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I am currently looking to further my career in the field of computer science. I enjoy challenging projects that allow me to team with other highly motivated computer scientists and programmers. I work well both as a team member and independently. I enjoy challenging projects that allow me to further my capabilities.

  • Python. 6 years
  • Basic. 5 years
  • C/C++. 4 years
  • GTK & CORBA. 3 years
  • SQL. 8 years
  • PHP. 2 years
  • JSON & YAML. 2 years
  • XML. 2 years and XSLT. 1 year
  • Artificial Neural Networks. 1 year
System Administration
  • OpenStack. 4 years
  • Docker. 2 years
  • Kubernetes. 1 year
  • Ceph. 1 year
  • Cobbler. 8 years
  • Linux 21 years
  • OpenStack projects such as the AppCatalog and Kolla-Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes
  • Skimmer, AACS, Simulus, BLADE, WebTheme & GX10
  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Assembly
  • PC, Mac, & Unix Trouble Shooting
Networking/The Internet
  • Load Balancing
  • XaaS (vm,dns,network,volume,lb,etc)
  • Web server maintenance
  • Web page authoring
  • Scripting
  • Firewalling
  • Tcp/Ip & Ipx Protocols
  • Print Servers

Employment History
System Administrator
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
March 2004 - Present
Responsibilities and activities include:
  • I'm primary system architect and primary system administrator on 3 sizable OpenStack clouds. I have preformed major system upgrades on these systems on multiple occations without loosing any data. One cloud in particular has been running and upgraded all the way from Icehouse. I've been maintaining OpenStack clusters since Essex.
  • I have deployed several Kubernetes clusters for production and containerizing our grid services.
  • I'm implementing OpenStack on top of Kubernetes in the Kolla-Kubernetes project.
  • Learned about Linux internals as well as Lustre internals necessary to implement in kernel hooks for the V2 backup system. The hooks and kernel module were written, function, and are now in production. In addition, user space infrastructure was added to push the change notifications into the V2 backup system database there by integrating it with the rest of the system.
  • Primary management of kernel builds including support for Lustre, Chelsio 10GigE, Quadrics and various miscellaneous patches.
  • Primary sysadmin for a 24 processor Cray XD1 machine including 6 FPGA application acceleration co processors. Activities include building the Cray into a production state, adding a FPGA chassis along with the supporting software, testing the new hardware with Cray provided tests as well as custom, self written, FPGA software.
  • Assisted in the development of the Storecloud 04 application and visualization software, enabling PNNL to take home the Most Innovative Use award.
  • Continued with Storecloud activities for SC05 by assisting with performance improvements and providing an MPI capable version.
  • Supported the Spray Cool project with various tasks, including drastically decreasing the time taken to gather data while reducing complexity, and helping further the project by facilitating the development of monitoring to provide capabilities beyond the initial project requirements.
  • Provided key knowledge of autoconf/automake and assistance to the Nwperf project allowing for greater cross platform capabilities as well as quicker release.
  • Designed, implemented, and documented a Lustre file system from bare hardware, for the Colony2a cluster in two days.
  • Maintained a 64TB tape backup system. Maintenance included detecting and removing bad tapes, watchdogging backups and performing data restores.
  • Primary system administration duties and architecture responsibilities for a 56CPU supercomputer (Colony2a). As part of this project I was responsible for designing, developing and delivering a full system software stack and configuration control system.
  • As part of the DARPA HPC challenge benchmark to develop new performance metrics for the national supercomputer infrastructure, I provided benchmarking and tuning consulting for the benchmark runs on the 11.8TF supercomputer at EMSL (MPP2).
  • Designed and implemented a monitoring system for the Tivoli Storage Manager tape backup system. This automated the task of detecting potential and current problems with the system.
Idaho State University
Febuary 2003 - May 2003
During Spring semester of 2003, I was hired to continue the development of the Archaeological Auto Classification System that I designed and implemented the previous semester for the Idaho State University Museum of Natural History. During my employment, I implemented a neural network for the core of AACS and designed and implemented a high performance training application.

Web Master/Network Administrator
Visual Media Productions.
May 2001 - August 2001
I worked as a web master and network administrator for a start up video production company. In addition, I performed technical support for the Visual Media Productions staff.

Web Master/System Administrator
Year 2000
Cubesoft is web hosting company based out of Canada. I was employed to write web applications and help maintain mission critical web servers.

Computer Technician/Technical Support
Bechtel Hanford Inc.
Spring 1998 - August 1999
Activities and duties included:
  • Programming the Environmental Restoration Projects Y2K Patch Utility
  • Supported setup and deployed many new personal computers.
  • Documented the steps necessary to setup new computers.
  • Supported the Help Desk by resolving numerous types of user problems.
  • Web Page design, modification, and programming.
Computer Technician
Kennewick School District
Summer 1997
During the summer of 1997, I worked for the Kennewick School District computer department servicing personal computers at various schools across the district.

  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Idaho State University
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